Sex: Female
DOB: 25/2/2018
Bred By: Jamie Sturrock
Reg. No: QCD2798
Breed: Border Collie

Swan Spud
2017 NSW Champion
2015 Aust Cattle Dog of the Year
2015 QLD Cattle Dog of the Year
2011 Aust Cattle Dog of the Year
Littles Bozo Jupa Boss Princes Dubbo
1997 Aust CH
Carlisle Flute
Crowsdale Slice Princes Turbo
2004 QLD CH
Dee Oss Jess
Braiston Gyp Lyster Bruce Alroy Mark
St Helena Amy
Yalca Sal Alroy Rambo
Yalca Joanne
Bells Willow (AI)
Llangwm Cap 00/315270 (A.Owen)
2018 W.Nat CH
2015 IntSu CH
Mac (A.Owen) Gwyn (A.Owen)
Ele (B.L.Gwilym)
Gael (A.Owen) Roy 266416 (A.Owen)
2008 World CH
2007 IntSu CH
Fran (N.R.Bird)
Crawfords Jess Redgate Sam 308066 (Imp Eng) Dave 266696 (A.McMillan)
Becky 296171 (J.Howes)
Munns Peg (AI) Star 277367 (M.W.Skidmore)
Crowsdale Clover

Ruby is a really nice young bitch loaded with potential. She is eligible for the 2019 QWCDTAI and Australian Cow Dog futurities.