Working Dog Schools & Lessons

If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting…

Upcoming Dates

Saturday 19th to Sunday 20th October
“Sandlewood Grove” Drillham QLD – Handler and fence sitter positions available.

Enquiries to or 0427 465 853 (Mani) or 0428 315 092 (Jamie)

Jamie Sturrock is available for working dog schools and lessons.. Some of Jamie’s achievements with his dogs include:

Swan Spud. 2011 Australian Cattle Dog of the Year.

    • 2 x Australian Working Cattle Dog of the Year (2011 & 2015)
    • 2015 QLD Working Cattle Dog of the Year
    • 3 x QLD State of Origin team member
    • 2 x Reserve Australian Cattle Dog Champion (2012 & 2016)
    • 2 x NSW Cattle Dog Champion (2016 & 2017)
    • 2016 Reserve NSW Cattle Dog Champion
    • 2011 Reserve QLD Cattle Dog Champion
    • Multiple wins and places in Open cattle dog trials
    • Multiple places in sheep dog trials

Jamie is also a Championship cattle dog judge, and served three years as President of the Australian Working Cattle Dog Trial Association.

More importantly than competition results, Jamie is a career stockman, and uses his dogs to earn a living every day..
We manage a corporate owned beef cattle operation, running 2,000 cattle across four separate grazing properties. We run Wagyu and Angus breeder cattle, growing our progeny out to heavy feeder weight. We also trade cattle according to the seasons, and run a small flock of Dorper cross sheep. Jamie uses the very same dogs at work and trials, on everything from large mobs of cows and calves right down to baby lambs.

Jamie has lived and breathed working dogs since he was a teenager…
We own just about every DVD, book and magazine ever made on the subject, and I have literally travelled across the globe in his search for more knowledge on working livestock with dogs. I continue to adapt and improve my program, and keep an open mind to new ideas and methods.

Jamie has worked with more dogs than a lot of people twice his age…
I have worked with a lot of dogs. I have been lucky enough to train some great ones, but I have also persevered with plenty of ordinary ones. I have also stuffed up a few! There is no substitute for experience when developing a training method.  I am always looking to improve myself and my dogs, and I have tried a lot of different methods on a lot of different dogs. Through plenty of trial and error over the years, I have developed a firm understanding of what makes a good dog, and the training methods required to reach its full potential.

Jamie has attended working dog and horsemanship schools and clinics held by well known handlers from all over the world:

  • Greg Prince (Australia)
  • Aled Owen (Wales)
  • James McGee (Ireland)
  • Faansie Basson (South Africa)
  • Kevin Davies (Wales)
  • David Rees (Wales)

These schools and clinics, whether they have been with dogs or horses, have not only helped with my training methods and philosophy, but how to teach people as well.

In 2011, I travelled to the UK, to spectate at the International Supreme Sheep Dog Trial in Scotland, and the World Sheep Dog Trial in England. While over there I was fortunate enough to visit the homes of many world class dog triallers, such as Jim Cropper from England, and Kevin Evans from Wales.

Working Dog Schools

Work on your dog, and your dog gets better. Work on yourself, and all your dogs get better…

Jamie’s schools focus on getting a high level of respect and control with your dog, with a strong emphasis on real life, practical work situations

The goal is to have a dog capable of real, practical stock work, with the ability to trial as well. I have developed a step by step program, that takes the guesswork out of training a dog. Every step is explained in detail, not only how to do it, but why it is necessary, and how it applies in a real life, practical work situation.

We have great facilities for working dog schools. We have a range of pen and paddock sizes to suit any level of dog training, with access to all types of livestock to suit the needs of the group. We also host schools run by other well respected clinicians from time to time.

Working Dog Lessons

Jamie can give lessons at Craiglea for groups, or one on one. These can be completely tailored to suit the needs of the individuals. Lessons are by appointment only and are charged by the hour.