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Our mares

We have both been involved with horses our whole lives. While the recent revival of the Craiglea ASH prefix is relatively young, our ASH bloodlines are established and proven performers. We look forward to continuing our families lines and combining them with our chosen lines.

Jamie’s father, Duncan Sturrock began breeding stock horses under the Craiglea prefix in the 1970’s. We took over the ASH prefix in 2008. We are very fortunate to be starting our stud with a few mares that go back to both our father’s wonderful foundation lines. These lines were all athletic, hard working, kind natured stock horses that performed well in a variety of fields, particularly polocrosse. Both these lines carry a fair bit of thoroughbred, which is a wonderful platform for us to base our stud.

Duncan’s foundation mare was Craiglea Tammy, a mare he rode growing up. She was used daily on the property, and was very hard to beat in their pony club days! All of Duncan’s original Craiglea lines go back to Tammy. Tammy and her descendants are very low maintenance horses, athletic and structurally sound, with good constitution. Duncan represented QLD in polocrosse, riding his own horses. His sister in law, Kath Madder was also selected in the Australian Polocrosse team on Craiglea Flash One. Descendants of these lines are still performing well on the polocrosse field today.

My father, Paul McIntyre’s foundation mares all go back to the thoroughbred sire Bulganna (NZ). Bulganna was a prominent sire, breeding many polocrosse and campdraft horses. Some of his achievements included winning the Reserve Champion Led Thoroughred at Brisbane Royal, and holding a track record at Eagle Farm at one stage. His sire Faux Triage (GB) was the leading broodmare sire in Australasia for a period of time.

We were also very fortunate to have Star Kingdom (IRE) quite close in the pedigrees of the two Bulganna foundation mares (full sisters), bred by Paul. Star Kingdom needs no introduction, being one of the most influential sires of Australian racing. You will find Star Kingdom in the back of many champion ASH pedigrees. Star Kingdom lines are proven performers on the polocrosse field, and in the campdrafting arena. For more information on Star Kingdom click here.

Many of Paul’s horses have represented polocrosse at Zone, State and National level, and have won numerous individual polocrosse awards. Paul is a National level polocrosse player and coach, and has an exceptional eye for a polocrosse horse. We are very fortunate to have access to such a knowledgeable polocrosse sportsman and horseman. Two other mares (full sisters) that we used in our breeding program (both by Riverdance-HSH) were selected by Paul for polocrosse and have been outstanding performers and breeders.

Since a little girl I have been some what horse obsessed, I loved any discipline really (literally!)…any excuse to compete with horses.  So for many, it is  no surprise that I have continued with this passion. I am honoured to have been able to start my breeding program with some of my fathers best old “Ganna” mares.  Growing up there were also a few bloodlines that I always wanted to incorporate into my  own horses. These were; Star Black Minstril, Edenhope Sam and Docs Freckles Oak. I always thought these sires were exceptional, being able to produce top quality polocrosse horses but also drafters and other versatile all rounders from a variety of mares. More recently I was impressed by the natural cow and athleticism of the Playboy Roy horses, particularly One Moore Playboy. We were lucky enough to source and purchase daughters of  Edenhope Sam-HSH , One Moore Playboy and  Docs Freckles Oak – IS MBP, click here to read more about the famous DFO.

Some of the key sire lines our foundation mares carry:

  • Bulganna (TB)
  • Star Kingdom (TB)
  • Star Black Minstril (ASH – FS HSH)
  • Riverdance (AUS) – (ASH HSH)
  • Edenhope Sam – (ASH HSH) 
  • Docs Freckles Oak – IS MBP (AQHA)
  •  One Moore Playboy (AQHA)

Our aim

Since becoming a full time Mum to our gorgeous boys, and Jamie taking on a new role as manager for a cattle breeding enterprise we are both very busy and try to balance our spare time between the dogs and the horses. As a result, seriously competition has taken a back seat for the time being. However we will continue to enjoy our young horses, bringing them along steadily with, mustering, general riding, and light competition. Once our kids are a little older, we hope to campaign our horses more seriously, as a family. We think of this as a building phase for our stud. Now that I am a mother the nature and versatility of my horses is more important than ever. My horses need to be able to be pulled from the paddock at the last minute and taken to a competition whenever I find an event that coincides with having a babysitter! Currently, the disciplines could be any of the following….polocrosse (play day or multi horse carnival), campdrafting, challenges, team penning, dressage, gymkanas or showing. We are proud to say that our current riding horses can do just this in particular, our oldest mare, Craiglea Pulse is my main drafter & competition horse, our beginner/visitor horse and has been used as a leadline for our son. She is our ‘old faithful’ at 5 years of age.

As such we are breeding for a kind, practical, versatile type of horse. One athletic and talented enough for top level polocrosse, with a calm, trainable mind, and the cow sense to be a competitive campdrafter. A high level polocrosse horse requires exceptional athleticism and acceleration. They need to be very quick off the mark, fast, soft and agile. Additionally, they need to be tough, with a big heart, able to handle the contact and demands during the game. We strive for similar qualities in our campdrafters, aiming for the cow sense of a cutter in the camp with the pace and smooth travel of a thoroughbred to track outside. We also want our horses to be structurally sound, and attractive enough to show and challenge. We want functional horses that can be used by the family on the property during the week, and taken to competitions on weekends.

Choosing Sires

We only breed from mares that are proven performers or producers. We cannot understate the importance of the dam line when breeding horses. While Jamie and I share a common goal, in breeding a highly talented all-rounder, we do like slightly different qualities in our horses. I am a firm believer in the importance of a quality and style of the more traditional Thoroughbred Stock Horse. Their versatility, type and stamina are second to none. Jamie is very open minded to Quarter Horse lines, and is keen to capture some of the cow sense and athleticism of the top cutting horses. We believe these subtle differences in preference complement each other, helping to balance our bloodlines, and strengthening the direction of our stud.

While we strive to breed a horse that can do it all, we are well aware that plenty of Quarter Horse crosses won’t suit polocrosse, and a Thoroughbred isn’t likely to win a cutting futurity. As the saying goes, there are horses for courses, and when this is the case, we will focus on what a horse suits best. We want our horses to reach their potential. If a horse is clearly talented in an area that we will not utilise then  we will set out to find a home that will nurture their natural ability.

We are only a small stud, and we are seeking quality not quantity. We do not stand a stallion and only breed a few mares a year. We don’t have the time or the facilities to campaign and stand a stallion at this point in time. Besides that, we don’t feel the need to, with a smorgasbord of top quality stallions out there!! This also allows us to use a variety of bloodlines, picking a suitable combination for each of our mares.

Some of the more modern bloodlines we have used in our stud, and some we are watching closely include:

  • Royalle Heartacre – By the great Acres Destiny, out of a double cross Star Black Minstril mare. Winner of multiple led, challenge and campdraft events.
  • Royalle Scotsman – By ASH foundation sire Star Black Minstril, out of a Thoroughbred mare. Proven sire of polocrosse, campdraft and challenge performers.
  • One Moore Daddy – By Dmac Daddy (Smart Little Lena), out of One Moore Spin (Docs Spinifex). Placed in all three major cutting futurities, won all four major challenges, including Cloncurry, and has won and placed in multiple major campdrafts.
  • Reysn Hell – By Dual Rey, out of One Hellofa Spin (Doc Spinifex). Tamworth Cutting Futurity finalist.
  • Acre Maker – By Acres Destiny, out of Annie Oakley (Docs Freckles Oak).
  • One Roan Peptos – By Peptos Stylish Oak, out of One Moore Spin (Docs Spinifex).
  • Breks Duck Yeah – By Conman, out of Ducks Dux.

Being a lady rider, and doing the majority of the horse training myself (in between mum duties), we place a big emphasis on temperament when selecting stallions for our mares. We carefully select stallions for each mare, which will enhance their strengths, minimise any weaknesses and compliment their bloodlines. The goal is to produce progeny as good, if not better than their dam.

We primarily breed for ourselves, with the hope to retain some fillies to continue our carefully selected mare lines. Colt foals are offered for sale as weanlings, along with the occasional filly. Any weanlings we sell are well handled, branded and registered. Our breaker & our customers regularly comment on how quiet, and well handled our young stock are, and we pride ourselves on this.

If interested in any of our horses please check out our For Sale page or give us a call.