Wenndale Roy

Sex:Β Male
Owned By: Ricky Hutchinson
Reg. No:Β ISDS
Breed: Border Collie

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Meg (J.K.Rudman)

Early in 2014, we imported one breeding dose of frozen semen from Wenndale Roy. Roy is owned by Ricky Hutchinson from England.

In Ricky’s words…
Roy has a great follow, and is a fantastic work and fell dog. He is really classy, and has won consistently since he was a nursery dog. He has been in the English National team a couple of times, and four years in a row in the Brace. He has won the English and International Brace Championships twice each. Roy has sired Open and Nursery winners and numerous honest work dogs. He doesn’t have the ‘modern day flanks’, but rarely needs them, as he is always in complete control of his sheep.

As mentioned above, Roy has won the English Brace and International Brace more than once. In these wins, Roy was paired up with one of his sons, Sweep. Recently, Sweep also won the 2013 English National. This proves Roy as not only an outstanding worker and competitor, but as a sire as well.

Click here to watch a video of Roy working…

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Click here to watch a video of Ricky doing some brace work with Roy and his son, Sweep…

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