Redgate Sam 308066 (Imp Eng)

Sex:Β Male
DOB: 20/5/2010
Owned By: Allan Munns
Reg. No: ISDS 308066
Breed: Border Collie

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Maid 217488 (W.McGettigan)

Sam is owned by Allan Munns, from Boorowa NSW. Allan imported Sam from England.

When I was in the UK in 2011 for the World Sheep Dog Trial, Jamie Bauer and I had a look at a few young dogs for Allan, as he was looking to import a new sire. Of all the dogs we looked at, Sam stood out, and was the one we recommended he buy.

Sam is, in my opinion, one of the best all round dogs I have seen in Australia. He can work cows with calves, and back a drenching race in the sheep yards. He has all the great traits which are common in the UK dogs. He has a huge cast, and is very trainable. What I like most about Sam is how direct he is in his work. He walks up onto his stock with purpose, without losing cover or scope. We also saw his mother work while we were over there. The two had an almost identical style of work, very direct and powerful. I think this sort of consistency is an advantage when choosing a sire.

I have used Sam quite a few times as a sire recently. It is only early days, but at this stage, I am happy with the pups. Allan also has a collection of nice young dogs by him, out of a number of different bitches.

Sam’s progeny we have retained at Craiglea include: