Beacons Rees 308822 (Imp Wales)

Sex: Male
DOB: 28/3/2010
Bred By: David Evans
Reg. No: ISDS 308822
Breed: Border Collie

Spot 272008 (D.K.Evans)
Jaff 231424 (D.K.Evans)
Vic 214578 (G.Howells) Bill 194117 (W.T.Davies)
Ray 190056 (W.T.Davies)
Maddie 212573 (M.Jones)
Hope 158875 (S.L.Davidson)
Floss 165517 (M.Jones)
Kemi Gypsy 262209 (L.Myatt) Mac 254267 (A.J.Lloyd) Mac 187805 (Mrs.R.Fahimi)
Jet 211776 (A.J.Lloyd)
Lass 238963 (D.K.Evans) Ben 185466 (B.Gower)
Nan 212521 (D.Griffiths)
Tina 294369 (D.J.M.Evans)
Rob 253776 (P.Thomas) Royalwood Kris 195126 (P.Thomas) Nap 133179 (W.D.Reed)
Meg 162627 (A.H.Cross)
Nan 218087 (R.W.Lewis) Jim 195051 (R.Dalziel)
Tick 210289 (Miss.M.Hawkins)
Penllwyn Jan 281258 (P.Thomas) Jaff 231424 (D.K.Evans)
Vic 214578 (G.Howells)
Maddie 212573 (M.Jones)
Fly 244077 (I.B.Jones) Roy 220947 (J.G.Grant)
Gael 184778 (J.G.Grant)

We purchased Rees from Kevin Evans, from Wales in the UK. Kevin is widely regarded as one of the best sheep dog handlers in the world. We imported Rees to Australia in August 2010 as a 5 month old pup, in partnership with Jamie and Peta Bauer from Dunedoo, NSW.

Rees is very talented dog, and has proved to be strong in the traits we were hoping to capture by importing some UK bloodlines. He is super trainable, and has been a pleasure to train from his first lesson. He naturally flanks very squarely with good width, and a has a nice direct walk up. His standout feature aside from his trainability, is his scope. He has a huge cast, and will bend out on command as far as he can hear a whistle.

Rees gets treated no differently to any of our other dogs, he goes to work every day. He is a very capable cattle dog, with plenty of walk up force and bite. He is definitely not the roughest dog out there, but he has enough force to be a useful cattle dog, and is a valuable member of the team.

For those interested in bloodlines, Rees has tremendous depth in his breeding. Rees’ father Spot, is a consistent performer, winning and placing in many major trials in the UK. The most notable of Spot’s results includes 10th place in the World Sheep Dog Trial in 2008. Spot is also a litter brother to the better known Kevin Evans’ Mirk, who is currently one of the top sheepdogs in the world. Mirk was International Supreme Champion in 2008, and more recently placed 6th in the 2011 World Sheep Dog Trials in England. Mirk is the grandfather of our Sue.

The consistency in this line of dogs is becoming even more apparent, as Rees’ relatives are hitting the trial fields in the UK. A full brother to Rees’ mother, Kevin Evans’ Greg, recently won the 2011 Welsh National, and was Reserve Supreme Champion at the 2011 International in Scotland. It is also worth mentioning that all these dogs go back to Kevin Evans’ Jaff 231424, in which Rees carries a double cross. It is very exciting to have some bloodlines of this calibre in our stud.

Rees has had very limited trialling due to work and family commitments, but he has actually won or placed in most of the trials he has been to so far, on cattle and sheep!! We hope to trial Rees more often this year.

Rees is an Open Cattle Dog. His trial results are as follows:

  • Equal 3rd Open Cattle Dog, Red Range NSW 2015
  • Equal 4th Open Cattle Dog, Tatham NSW 2015.
  • 1st Open Cattle Dog, Pinkett NSW 2015.
  • Equal 4th Open Cattle Dog, Dulacca 2014.
  • 1st Open Cattle Dog, Mt Perry 2014.
  • 1st Open Cattle Dog, Rockland Spring 2014.
  • Equal 4th Novice Cattle Dog, Rockland Spring 2014.
  • 2nd Novice Cattle Dog, AUSTRALIAN CHAMPIONSHIPS, Red Range NSW 2014.
  • Equal 6th Novice Cattle Dog, The Caves 2012.
  • 1st Novice Cattle Dog, 3rd Maiden Cattle Dog, Dulacca 2012 – Rees’ first cattle dog trial!!
  • 4th Encourage Sheep Dog, Clifton Show 2012.