Greenhill Chip 296720

Sex: Male
DOB: 16/4/2008
Owned By: Nick Flux
Reg. No: ISDS 296720
Breed: Border Collie

Scot 250614 (G.Thomas)
Bob 238509 (G.Thomas) Scott 189240 (D.J.Brady) Wattie 162693 (J.R.Welsh)
Jet 157747 (M.O’Boyle)
Meg 199275 (R.Robertson) Hope 164479 (G.S.Rae)
Jed (C.J.Wood)
Bonney 238067 (G.Thomas) Tysswg Sam 232350 (J.Hudd) Tysswg Craig 174856 (J.Hudd)
Tysswg Jill 169267 (J.Hudd)
Meg 213547 (L.Tyler) Scot 189853 (L.Tyler)
Kay 180714 (L.Tyler)
Fly 277549 (T.A.Temple)
Rob 253776 (P.Thomas) Royalwood Kris 195126 (P.Thomas) Nap 133179 (W.D.Reed)
Meg 162627 (A.H.Cross)
Nan 218087 (R.W.Lewis) Jim 195051 (R.Dalziel)
Tick 210289 (Miss.M.Hawkins)
Mave 244194 (Mrs.J.J.Reed) Cap 239560 ROM (W.D.Reed)
Spot 218770 (A.Jackman)
Belle (Miss K.Reed)
Gay 214694 (Mrs.J.J.Reed) Sweep 151984 (Mrs.J.J.Reed)
Dot 190892 (Mrs.J.J.Reed)

Early in 2014, we imported four breeding doses of frozen semen from Greenhill Chip. Chip is owned by Nick Flux, a contract shepherd from the UK.

Chip is a big, strong, smooth coated dog. He is a genuine work dog, that goes to work every day. He works sheep and cattle. I got to see Chip work while I was in the UK in 2011, and was very impressed by him.

Chip came highly recommended to me by our friend from Wales, David Rees. David has seen Chip work many times, and has owned a number of his progeny from a variety of bitches. I have seen a few of Chip’s progeny work, and he is proving to be a good sire. David has seen most of my dogs work while he was staying with us during a visit to Australia, and he thinks Chip would be a great outcross for our stud, and should suit the style of work we do.

Click here to watch Kevin Evans working a Chip pup. It is only 4.5 months old!!